Branding, Graphic Design and Print Production

Designed For Your Industry

Pleasing, attracting, and converting YOUR audience is our main goal.

Print Design & Production

From business cards to brochures, catalogs, or banners, we will take care of the layout design, and the print production. We will provide you with a quality product that you will be proud to hand out to your clients.


We will help you define and create the identity of your business. From your logo to the overall look and feel of your website and print material, we will make your organization stand out. We have the unique ability to see organizations’ strengths, and to bring them to light so your business can shine and be recognized for what it has to offer.

Logo Design

Your logo is where it all begins. Your visual branding is critical to your overall marketing strategy, effectiveness, and uniqueness. Every piece of communication has the opportunity to impress, stand out, win respect and gain new customers. You are a professional: make sure you look that way.

Branding is a marketing concept that helps businesses establish brand recognition. A brand can be identified by a set of colors, a logo, a uniform, a slogan, or a consistent combination of all of these and more. A brand helps you differentiate yourself from competitors, and show your values to your customers. It is how people perceive you.

While a logo is a good foundation for developing a brand, it is rarely sufficient. Your website, brochures, business cards, uniforms, billboards or even the architecture and decor of your building contribute to building your brand.

The most important aspect of branding is consistency: from your website to the ad you placed in a local magazine or the banner on your Facebook page, colors, designs and font should be consistent. 

Investing in a brand that reflects your business and that speak to your clients is probably the most important investment you will make in terms of marketing your business. Branding is also a long term investment: over time, your clients and prospects will know what to expect when encountering your brand.

We are her to help you define your visual identity and a compelling message that reflects your mission.

Branding and Graphic Design Packages

Logo Design

Client Questionnaire and In-depth Consultation

Up to 3 Original Concepts

Up to 2 Revisions

Delivery of all final print-ready files in popular file formats

Branding Identity

Client Questionnaire and In-depth Consultation

Color Palette (Up to 3)

Font Selections (Up to 5)

Patterns and Background Selections (Up to 3)

LOGO Design: Up 3 Original Concepts/ Up to 2 Revisions

BUSINESS CARD Design: Up 3 Original Concepts/ Up to 2 Revisions

Profile image for social media platforms (up to 3 social media accounts)

Social media cover Banners (up to 3 social media accounts)

Delivery of all final print-ready files in popular file formats


Brochure & Collateral Material Design
Gift Certificates Design and Print
Restaurant Menus Design and Print
Product Catalogs Design and Print
Invitations Design and Print
Business Cards Design and Print
Letterhead Design


Packaging Design
Envelopes Design
Flyers Design and Print
Gift Certificates Design and Print
Doorhangers Design and Print
Folders Design and Print
Hang Tags Design and Print


Postcards Design and Print
Sales Sheet Design and Print
Labels and Stickers Design and Print
Magnets Design and Print
Poster Design and Print
Trade Show Display Design
Custom Forms Design and Print