Freelancing and the struggle to secure a constant flow of projects.

Freelancing and the struggle to secure a constant flow of projects.

Freelancing and the struggle to secure a constant flow of projects.

Freelancing is a great way to support oneself financially while maintaining a lifestyle that suits oneself. The benefits of running a virtual business are many. Some of my favorites are: 

  • The ability to work surrounded by my (many) pets
  • Working from home and not having to commute or sit in traffic, as I would rather invest that time in my business.
  • Saving time by running my errands when everyone else is working their 9-5 jobs

But freelancing has many challenges as well. As a solopreneur, it can sometimes be difficult to juggle between the many hats we have and the limited amount of time in a day. In addition to working on clients’ projects, a freelancer must allow a certain amount of time to search for future clients and projects. The traditional method of networking with local businesses is very effective, but it is also very time consuming. Some weeks, there just isn’t enough time to go to a 2-hour event and trying to keep on track with current projects.

Today, thanks to the internet, there are other ways to secure jobs with websites that match freelancers with clients such as

Freelance websites match your skills and interests with client’s requirements and deliver the best jobs for you, right in your inbox. They often handle the invoicing and receiving payments from the clients. 

While there are many freelance websites out there, one of my favorite is Unlike most freelance marketplace, has a rigorous screening process for its talent pool. This is brilliant because it insures its clients that, whomever talent they hire will be fully qualified. This adds a layer of trust for clients and ultimately leads to better clients for freelancers. In fact, some of the leading companies in various industries, like airbnb or pfizer, use to find the most talented individuals.

It is a well known fact that freelancing can be lonely as we usually do not have co-workers. organizes local community events for its freelancers. This is a great way to meet other freelancers, face to face, and develop a network of like-minded professionals, and even make friends!

Unlike some of its competitors, focused on longer term projects. Longer term projects are a great way to develop a better relationship with your client, and usually lead to more jobs from that client, in the future.

I am exited to join the Toptal Freelance visual designers Community and secure a constant flow of great projects!

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