How to compete with Dr. Google?

Website Design For Veterinarians

How to compete with Dr. Google?

Dr. Google, or how clients use Google to question veterinarian’s diagnostics and treatments, is interfering with your patient care more and more every year.

While we can’t stop clients from researching their pet’s conditions and potential treatments, we can help satisfy the need for more information by taking control of the information they read. 

One of the ways to satisfy your client’s need for more information is to create pages or blog posts on your website to address the most common questions for a particular condition.

By creating your own information, you will solve several problems at once:

- You improve client satisfaction by answering your client’s most common questions. You can use this webpage to set the right expectations for treatment of a particular condition, as well as re-assuring your client that you are knowledgeable about the latest treatments.

- After a visit, a link to the page can be emailed to the owner in order to re-iterate what was explained during the patient’s visit. This will save you time by lowering the amount of time you usually spend on the phone with a client wanting you to repeat what was said during the consultation.

- This page will help your website with search engine optimization (SEO). When potential clients search for that condition online, your webpage will be displayed. This is a great way to attract new clients.

When creating condition/treatment specific webpage, try to keep it simple: use your own words and avoid using too many technical/medical terms (remember that your audience may not be as medically educated as you are). You may use links to research literature or other websites for clients that want in-depth knowledge. And of course, make sure you don’t copy/paste someone’ else content.

Your website doesn’t have to just be an online business card. You can use it to educate your clients and therefore, improve client satisfaction.

Having been personally involved in the creation and day-today operations of an equine veterinary clinic, I have a unique perspective on the marketing challenges you face. Most marketing firms specialized in veterinary clinics are usually focused on small animal veterinarians. We can help you promote your equine and large animal veterinary clinics as we understand how different they are to your small animal peers. Our portfolio is composed of many examples of web designs, logos, and other marketing pieces we custom designed for equine and large animal veterinarians across the USA. Furthermore, we understand who your clients are, and how to appeal to them.

Web Development

A great website is essential to making a great first impression. First impressions matter, and most clients’ first interaction with your business is your website. We will build a website that will look great on any device while reaching your marketing goals.


A great looking website will be of no use to your business or your potential clients if it can’t be found in the search engines. Let us help you optimize your site and use our magic wand so your website can rank well for your targeted keywords.


Make your website and other marketing pieces more personable with custom photography: we will showcase your business, real estate, team and/or products in their most flattering light. Indulge in beautiful images to communicate the unique aspects of your company.

Print Design

From business cards to brochures, catalogs, or banners, we will take care of the layout design, and the print production. We will provide you with a quality product that you will be proud to hand out to your clients.

Video Production

Make an emotional connection to your audience with video. Videos are the most effective medium to clearly communicate your passion for what you do. From company overview to customer testimonials or owner’s interviews, videography will entice your prospects.

Content Production

Whether you can’t find the words or you don’t have time to sit down and write about your business, we can help! Not only can we write pertinent articles, we can also write with search engines in mind so your content is not only appealing to your audience, but also helps your site rank better in search results for a particular topic.




We meet and discuss your needs and options. We discover what your business and mission are.


We formulate strategies and develop a plan of action to accomplish your unique goals.


We bring your ideas into reality by assembling words, design, code, print, photos and videos.


We test and review together the finished products, making sure it meets the highest standards.

5 - GROW

We monitor and watch your business grow, as well as our long-term partnership.

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